• NC is ranked 8th out of the top 15 states with AIDS among African Americans
  • From 1999 - 2007 HIV cases have increased by 57% in Mecklenburg County

  • In 2007 there were 2.5 million children (under the age of 15) living with HIV and 420,000 were newly infected cases

  • Each day (world wide) 1,500 children become infected with HIV

We all take different roads home. Each of us is heading for the same destination, but face our own variety of twists, turns and narrow places, as well as a few stretches that are all downhill.  You and I encounter differing relationships, experiences and challenges, only to realize that somewhere along the way we arrive at the same impasse. It is a summons that will change our past, present and future.

                                                                            Janet Paschal, Singer/Songwriter/Author

a look back

Programs & Services

 Providing help in the right direction

The Charlotte Metro Area has a number of nonprofit agencies providing services to those living with HIV/AIDS.  Although there are multiple agencies providing these services, our founder Dale Pierce recognized there was still a "gap" that needed to be filled. Different Roads Home is very proud to offer the below services to our brothers and sisters living with this disease:

Jeanne White-Ginder Food Pantry 

​Ryan White Memorial Scholarship Fund

Housing Assistance

Social & Support Groups

The MENS Room, A SAFE Space

The Good Road Mentoring Project

Free Confidential Testing

We are not through, there is still much work to be done. The leadership and Board of Directors meet regularly to discuss new services and ways to improve upon the services we currently offer. We want to hear from you, please talk a moment and send us an email on your idea on how to improve or new ways we can assist others. Click the link below to email us your thoughts.

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