Different Roads Home is a nonprofit agency that provides support services to those living with chronic illnesses 

Providing Help In The Right Direction

Dale Pierce


Different Roads Home


Direct: 704-237-8794

The road home is not the same for everyone. Different Roads Home is a nonprofit organization that provides individuals living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other chronic illnesses with personalized services including support groups, mentoring programs & food assistance, to help them reach their destination on their terms. We also serve the community as a whole to educate and raise awareness to all individuals regardless of their station in life or experience with the disease states. We seek to educate, inform and assist by being leaders and showing empathy & compassion through our experiences.

The Charlotte Metro Area has some nonprofit agencies providing services to those living with HIV/AIDS.  Although there are multiple agencies providing these services, our founder Dale Pierce recognized there was still a "gap" that needed to be filled.

We are not through; there is still much work to be done. The leadership and Board of Directors meet regularly to discuss new services and ways to improve the services we currently offer. 

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Support Services For People Living With Hiv/aids in Charlotte

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