Jeanne White-Ginder Food Pantry

Food is essential for everyone. Our bodies need it, we crave it, and we celebrate over it. Imagine if you had a chronic condition like HIV or cancer and were having to choose between treatments/medications and food on your table. Most of us don’t have to think about that, but imagine the hardship it would place on you and your family, and the stress that would be incurred and affect your health.

This is why Different Roads Home has always worked diligently to have some food services for our clients. Since our move to our new North Davidson Street location, we have more room, which we are happy to announce that on March 1, 2016, we opened a “physical” food pantry. Clients suffering from a chronic illness can call us and visit on Tuesday and take home a large amount of nonperishable food and body care essentials, along with some excellent information.

Now, we need your help! You can still donate financially to assist in us purchasing all the food and personal care items we do each month, and you can also visit our website, and under the “Ways to Give“ tab, click on Pantry Items needed. This list is encompassing of all the items that we deliver to the clients. To remain consistent and fair to each customer at every visit they make, we ask that if you are making a product donation, instead of cash, you stick to the items listed there. The needed items include the essential food items we have identified will provide the most for the dollars and help the clients enhance their regular food budget and meal plans.

Anne Frank once said, “No one ever became poor by giving.” Think about how Blessed you are when you sit down to Sunday dinner or go out to eat with your family and friends. Think of those that do not have that option and how you can help.

Dale pierce
President & CEO
Different Roads Home