Dale Pierce / President & CEO
Dale J. Pierce, President/CEO of Different Roads Home, founded the organization out of a deep concern and commitment to the community of those suffering from chronic illnesses. Dale called upon his faith and his ability to overcome obstacles when faced with the personal health crisis of his family, friends, and himself. After attending Jamestown Business College in Western New York, Dale has held a variety of positions that have prepared him for this leadership role. He is most proud of his community organization work and his background in HIV advocacy & practice management. Dale feels that his struggles and accomplishments have led to this moment, where he can turn his adversity into advocacy for the community as a whole.

Cheryl Roberge / Director of Operations
Cheryl is a native Floridian but has been in the Charlotte area for the past 12 years serving the HIV and substance abuse community. She brings 18 years of experience in the Case Management field and many years in management both in a nonprofit setting and in retail. Cheryl is committed to serving all people in need, as she has also faced her own struggles in life, and is grateful to those individuals who helped her find her way home. She is excited about working with “The Team” at Different Roads Home and is grateful to be a part of taking DRH to the next level of caring for all people.

Kareem Strong / Director of Programming
Kareem Strong, Director of Programming for Different Roads Home, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He brings 22 years of experience to DRH in the areas of prevention, education, and client services for individuals living with chronic illness and other health disparities. He posses compassion and love for all people, which is expressed through his dedication to the betterment of society as a whole. Kareem is honored to be a part of the Different Roads Home vision to implement innovative support services that are needed with in our community.